The Small Streght of Nature

We often think, and rightly so, that human beings are destroying the environment. However, it is true that sometimes the Earth and the environment become the destroyer. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and droughts cause huge damage to vast area of the Earth. However, on a far less extreme scale, nature is always demonstrating to us that it is stronger than we are.

For example, we cut down trees and construct houses, office and apartment buildings, roads, and sidewalks. Then, we plant other trees just where we want them so that our landscaping will be perfect. Over the years, the trees slowly-almost unnoticeably-grow taller, and their roots grow deeper, and, suddenly, our nice roads and sidewalks get crack in them. We think that we are strong, but those tree are stronger.

Another example of nature demonstrating its power is when the small creatures of the world come into our nicely constructed environment and either destroy them or make them very unpleasant to live. These small creatures are, of course, insects, which are far stronger than human being. Termites can totally destroy a house, and an invasion of ants in our food can make life miserable. Indeed, the cockroaches in our cupboard have ancestors that go back millions and millions of years. How can we possibly expect to control them? In short, it is clear that insects are stronger then humans.

Even on a microscopic level, we are at the mercy of the environment. Our bodies and our scientists have developed ways of fighting the many bacteria and viruses that cause serious diseases and death. Nevertheless, there is still no cure for the common cold. We may develop vaccines and antibiotics to protect us from many viruses and bacteria, but they can change and become resistant to our attempts to destroy them. In other words, they are often stronger than we are.

In conclusion, I find this small examples of nature’s being stronger than humans somewhat comforting. While we attempt to control and thereby destroy our environment, the environment keeps renewing itself in small ways. Humans as a species may not survive, but I believe the Earth will.


About តា ម៉ាប់

ខ្មែរ​ម្នាក់​ដែល​រស់​ដើម្បី​ខ្មែរ ! A young Khmer with big ambition for his motherland!
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