RIP Robin (1949 – 2012)

Robin Hugh Gibb, CBE (22 December 1949 – 20 May 2012)

That is a shocking moment!
My favorite singer and songwriter, Robin Gibb,
passed away yesterday fighting against colorectal cancer.

I have been a fan of Bee Gees for just a few years
yet I am enormously in love with them
as do I love the other oldies.

However, the love for Bee Gees surpasses all!

RIP Robin, I will always miss you,
always be your faithful fan. 😥

I wish I can see Barry’s performance!

P.S : Music historian Paul Gambaccini described Gibb as “one of the major figures in the history of British music” and “one of the best white soul voices ever”, while he noted that the Bee Gees were “second only to Lennon and McCartney as the most successful songwriting unit in British popular music”.Gibb’s death left his brother Barry as the only surviving original member of the Bee Gees.

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13 Responses to RIP Robin (1949 – 2012)

  1. អត់ដែលស្គាល់អីម៉ាតិចសោះ (មនុស្សមិនដែលស្ដាប់បទ​បអាទេះ​ផង បានអីស្គាល់ហូវ!)

  2. ស្ដាប់តែបទអធិរាជសំលេងមាស ស៊ិន​ ស៊ីសាមុត

  3. Ravy Yuth ថា:

    ចប់!! គ្មានស្គាល់មុខទេ សូម្បីតែឈ្មោះក៏មិនដែលឭដែរ!!! យ៉ាប់ខាងខ្ញុំរ៉េ មិនមែនគាត់មិនល្បីរ៉េ!!!

  4. R.I.P. Robin.

    I love all of Bee Gees’ Songs. My most favor: I started a joke, How deep is your love, summer kisses winter tears…


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