2nd Session

IFL Lesson Evaluation Form 2013

Trainee: SUON Sopheaktra,                                         Date: June 12, 2013.

A. English Proficiency

1. Is the teacher’s English grammatically accurate? 1/2 1.5/2
2. Is the teacher’s English fluent? 1.5/2 2/2
3. Is the teacher’s English appropriate for existing context? 1.5/2 1.5/2
4. Is the teacher’s English pronunciation good enough? 1.5/2 1/2
5.5/8 6/8


  • Supervisor: Problem with V-ing. Many repetitions of so, wrong use of active and passive. Sometimes, wrong emphasis/stress
  • Associate Lecturer: …

B. Lesson Preparation

1. Does the teacher apparently understand the lesson? 2/2 2/2
2. Does the lesson seem to have clear aims and objectives? 1/2 1.5/2
3. Does the lesson have several well-linked techniques? 1/2 1.5/2
4. Has the teacher apparently planned what he or she is going to say in the lesson? 2/2 1/2
6/8 6/8


  • Supervisor: Reconsider the objectives and techniques. How can Ss skim/scan if they are not taught to? Make sure they are taught the strategies of scanning and skimming. Warm-up technique is not related. Some technique names aren’t nice.
  • Associate Lecturer: Though you included transition between techniques, when you moved from one to another, they don’t seem to link well.

C. The Teacher

1. Is the teacher on time and well-prepared? 2/2 2/2
2. Is the teacher enthusiastic, patient, and confident? 1.5/2 1.5/2
3. Does the teacher listen and respond to the students carefully? 1/2 2/2
4. Does the teacher use a lot of positive reinforcement? 2/2 1.5/2
5. Does the teacher speak loudly, slowly and clearly? 1.5/2  2/2
8/10 9/10


  • Supervisor: Don’t be so fast to answer Ss’ question’s wait until Ss finish their words! Tone of speaking express rising and falling intonation!
  • Associate lecturer: N/A

D. The Student

1. Are the students who have problems helped by the teacher? 1.5/2 2/2
2. Are the students motivated and interested in the lesson? 1/2 1/2
3. Do any students have problem such as not seeing the board properly and hearing the teacher and/or tape recorder clearly? Are these problems solved? 1.5/2 1.5/2
4. Do the students learn much from the lesson? 1.5/2 1/2
5. Do all students get a chance to contribute actively to the lesson? 1.5/2 2/2
7/10 7.5/10


  • Supervisor: Some Ss were not helped when they appeared to have questions.
  • Associate Lecturer: N/A

E. Teaching

1. Is there a clear, positive start to the lesson? 1/2 1/2
2. Does the teacher review language points the students have already learned? 2/2 2/2
3. Does the teacher teach the lesson carefully and clearly? 1/2 1.5/2
4. Does the teacher give the students a lot of practice? 2/2 1.5/2
5. Does the teacher make the student produce enough output to make them learn? 1.5/2 2/2
6. Is the lesson fun and interesting? 1.5/2 1/2
7. Is the lesson too fast, too slow or just right? 1.5/2 2/2
8. Does the teacher use different work arrangements? 2/2 1.5/2
9. Does the teacher use various questions which require different levels of thinking? 2/2 1.5/2
10. Does the teacher correct students appropriately for the existing context? 1.5/2 1.5/2
11. Is there a clear, positive end to the lesson? 1/2 1.5/2
17/22 17/22


  • Supervisor: Make a more relevant lead-in for warm-up, T should have asked Ss to scan/skim for word Chaturanga, ask a way/strategy to lead to the 1st main technique.
  • Associate Lecturer: When you taught predicting he content, you could have asked Ss first about what they think the text will talk about.

F. Teaching Materials

1. Does the teacher use the textbook or extra materials appropriately? 1/2 1/2
2. Does the teacher adapt the textbook or materials to optimize students’ learning? 1.5/2 1/2
3. Does the teacher use any audio-visual teaching aids? If so, are the teacher’s teaching aids large enough, clear, relevant and helpful for the students? N/A 2/2
4. Does the teacher use the board well? 1.5/2 2/2
4/6 6/8


  • Supervisor: Way of writing shouldn’t block Ss’ sigh! There is no use of introducing summarizing technique.
  • Associate Lecturer: You could have given them another text and asked them to summarize the main ideas of that text.

G. Classroom Management

1. Does the teacher give clear instructions? 1.5/2 1/2
2. Does the teacher look at all the students and move around the room to monitor the students when they are working in pairs or groups or on their own? 2/2 2/2
3. Does the teacher ask different students to answer questions? 2/2 1.5/2
4. Does the teacher try to let the students speak as much as necessary? 1.5/2 2/2
5. Does the teacher use the students’ names? 2/2 2/2
6. Does the teacher manage class time effectively? 1.5/2 1.5/2
7. Does the teacher have a good rapport with the students? 2/2 2/2
12.5/14 12/14


  • Supervisor: Reinforce your way of telling Ss what to do.
  • Associate Lecturer: When you give your instruction make it clear and also make sure Ss are listening to you.

Score: 60/78 (Supervisor) and 63.5/80 (Associate Lecturer) = 62.5/80 (In Total)

The score is the second column is marked by Supervisor and the score in the third column is marked by Associate Lecturer.

Additional comments:

  • Supervisor: T needs to rewrite his lesson plan and his creativity for his lesson. Please refer to the points mentioned above for improvement. Thanks!
  • Associate Lecturer: N/A


I have only one session left and I know I have not improved much during the pace of 7 days from the last session to this session. What is going to happen tomorrow during my last session? We will see. 🙂 I accept what I have done, like the old say “You reap what you sow.” I hold my head high and believe in myself – I have done my best even the result is not the best result I want it to be.


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3 Responses to 2nd Session

  1. achharia ថា:

    What is going to be happened tomorrow during…. ?
    what do you mean in khmer ? ជាខ្មែរ ថាម៉េច ?
    ( happen – an intransitive verb – can be used in passive voice ? )

  2. achharia ថា:

    តើមានរឿងអ្វីនឹង​ត្រូវ​បានគេធ្វើអោយ​កើត​មានឡើង​នៅ​ថ្ងៃស្អែក កំឡុងពេល ….(កំពុង)…​?


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