My tenth film roll

The article about this 10th film roll came after the article about the 11th film roll. Honestly, I was dumbstruck, not knowing what to write about, so I just let the flow of the second expired film, the 11th, appear first. This tenth roll is Kodak Pro Image 100. I have never used it before, yet I have a preference of a Kodak negatives over a Fujicolor one; it is just personal.

All of the photos shown here were taken by Yashica FX-3 Super2000 with a newly acquired lens: YUS (Yashica US) 135 mm f/2.8. With its narrow focal length, the lens can produce sharper portrait photo if the focus is dialled correctly (the correct distance from the camera body to the subject). I can also view a clearer depth of field on this lens then on the other one, YUS 28 mm f/2.8 which came with the camera when purchased.

Steve Job once said: “If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader, sell ice cream!”. Well, you can agree to disagree, but a billionaire’s words is way louder than a commoner’s own sense.

Mobile meat and vegetable cart run mostly by women.

Detail of the tympanum of the pediment of my office building. I will start taking more (digital) photos of my working place before a must move out which will be put into action in less than 3 years from now.

The statue of the former king, Norodom Sihanouk, under his richly decorated traditional canopy which stands in front of one of the symbols of the country, his ultimate achievement, the Independence Monument!

Coincidentally, a decorated board, in front of the Royal Palace, also represents the same feat. It was the 68th anniversary of Cambodian Independence Day (2021). It shows him in his younger years (he was 32 at that time) and his achievement. Cambodia gained its Independence in November, 9th 1953. In the back, the renovation progress of the Chant Chhaya (Moon light) Pavilion and the Throne Hall.

The subject isn’t sharp enough, for sure the focus wasn’t dialled correctly, yet I love the timing, the pigeon was flying pass her head.

Flying high in the shade, even a pigeon looks like an eagle!

I have recently purchased 4 more rolls of Kodak Pro Image 100 as I have fallen in love with its lovely yellowish and clear-cut vibrant tone. I will use it intermittently, taking turn with different color negatives I have in stock (I think I have stocked about 8 or 9 rolls as of now).

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