My twelfth film roll

That was the collection of my color negative film rolls in March. I had two Kodak rolls (I used one as my tenth film roll; the other one is loaded into the camera as of now), one Fujicolor, the Superior XTra 400 which is the subject of this article and a Lomo (you can read about it @LoMoGraPhY) which I won’t be using anytime soon (it was quite expensive, so I keep it for something special; I don’t really know what or when though). As stated in one of my previous post, I have a personal preference of Kodak over Fujicolor, and the reason why I purchased this one is to experiment the differences of tones and grains in each individual color negatives roll.

The mural painting commemorated the 99th anniversary of the creation of the Royal University of Fine Arts painted in 2017. The University was first called “The School of Khmer Arts” in 1917, created in conjunction with the National Museum which still lies to the east of it. It was renamed a university in 1965.

One of the building in the compound of the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA) whose room which is in the centre of the frame is used as photography equipment storage. Sadly, no official photography lesson is taught here as of now.

Caesalpinia pulcherrima​ or “peacock tree” in Khmer with it burning red flowers.

The sun, the mountain, the cow and the grass, just a peaceful evening over there.

The ceremonial plaque of the “Win-Win Memorial” and the memorial at the back. The memorial signifies the national reconciliation progress (read more about it @KhmerTimesKH). When I was taking this photo, my exposure meter just stopped working. It didn’t tell me whether this photo was over, well or under exposed. As I needed to take this photo, so I gambled. I raised the shutter speed to 1/500th, switched the aperture to f/8 and gave it a shot (the ISO was 400 constant because of the roll). Well, the result isn’t disappointing at all.

The new stadium, right in front of the memorial, located to the northeast peripheral of the capital is approximately 20 KM from Wat Phnom. If you don’t know why it was built; well Cambodia is going to host the 32nd edition of SEA Games (Southeast Asian Games) in 2023, the first ever Cambodia is going to host. The subject is a little bit too far even taken by a 135 mm lens.

These two are some last exposures from the roll. I was testing to see if I got the focus properly or not, and it turns out that I have made a perfect move. I was about 2.5 metres from the subject at that time. Oh I also want to add something greener to the post!

As my addiction to film photography is growing day by day, I have recently ordered two set of “expired” films. The first one is a set of five, yet only three different types of expired film sold by Expiredfilmclub in the UK. The seller says no film will be the same, but I guess he has run out of stock, so well it is what it is! A friend who is studying over there will bring it back in August. The second set is bought via eBay and will be shipped to Cambodia in two weeks’ time, and I can’t wait to test them. The fact that they are “expired” will make things even more “awesome”. Film photography is uncertain, yet shooting with an expired negative film roll is even more unpredictable.

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